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Duties: Clinical Chair-side assistant
Have worked in the field of dentistry since: 1995
Have worked with Dr. Geyer since: 2009
Favorite thing about the practice of dentistry: Helping
others maintain good oral hygiene for overall health>
Favorite thing about working with Dr. Geyer: Sharing
his care and honesty with his patients.
Personal Information: Native of Monterrey, Mexico. Have
lived in Dallas County since 1980.
Family members: Daughters, Angelica, Carolina, Nikki
and Natalia. Son, Ozzy Jr.  Husband: Ozzy
Non-work activities include: Staying active, jogging, 
spending lots of time with family.
Duties: Dental Hygiene
Have worked with Dr. Geyer since: 2020-Started in Dentistry in 1991
Favorite thing about the practice of Dentistry: Helping to educate my patients on good oral hygiene.
Favorite thing about working with Dr. Geyer: his kind and generous manner and the way he truly knows his patients on a personal level. 
Personal Information: Native of Wichita Falls, Texas. Have lived in Dallas since 2016
Family members: sons: Christopher and Aaron
Non-work activities include: spending time with family ,traveling, and Vice-President of Honor Flight DFW





Duties: Dental Hygiene
Though starting a career in another industry, I have worked in the field of dentistry for several years and grew up with a father and grandfather who were both dentists.
Have worked with Dr. Geyer since: 2007
Favorite thing about the practice of dentistry: I want to give back to the community and work in a field I have known all my life. I enjoy being an active member of the American Dental Hygienists' Association and have been president of the Dallas Dental Hygiene Society (2007-2009).
Personal Information: Native of Minneapolis, Minnesota. Have lived in Dallas for over 20 years.
Non-work activities include: camping around the state of Texas.



Duties: Clinical Chair-side Assistant
Have worked in the field of dentistry since: 2013
Has worked with Dr. Geyer since: 2014
Favorite thing about the practice of dentistry: Helping people achieve a more beautiful and healthy smile. 
Favorite thing about working with Dr. Geyer: he is truly appreciative of what we do as staff.  I am thankful that I can help him to go above and beyond for his patients.
Personal Information: born in Louisville, KY and has lived in Dallas since 2002.  
Family members: Son- Mason.
Non-work activities include: anything crafty, being outside when the weather is nice, reading, swimming and spending time with family.




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Personal Information: Native of Fort Worth, Texas; raised in Wichita Falls, Texas. Have lived in Dallas, Texas, since 1977                   Family members:Mark Geyer- husband; Stewart- son, Julia- daughter, Edward- son.                                                             Non-work activities include: spending time with family members (both immediate and extended family members), past involvement with Dallas Symphony Orchestra League, attending operas, musicals, symphonies, art exhibits, and travel                                                    Additional Information:I love music and art and have a masters' degree in Art History from George Washington University. I attended Sweet Briar College in Virginia and graduated from the University of Texas at Austin with a BA in Art History. I worked before we had children at the Wichita Falls Museum and Art Center as Curator of Education and at the Dallas Museum of Fine Arts (now the Dallas Museum of Art) as the Assistant Curator of Education.


Personal Information: born and raised in Iran.  Had lived in Virginia and Pennsylvania for 20 years before moving to Dallas in 2007.
Non-work activities include: yoga, meditation, drafting, exercising, painting, reading and  traveling overseas to see sister and niece.